How Do You Connect Your Phone to Your Subaru Using Bluetooth? We'll help!

So you've got your new Subaru, you're enjoying all the shiny new features, comfortable seats, inviting steering wheel, and of course the STARLINK™ infotainment system. The next step to getting the most out of your new Subaru, is getting your phone to connect to your STARLINK™ system using Bluetooth.

It's easy to do, just follow these simple steps when you're in your Subaru:

  1. Open your phone's settings menu and find the Bluetooth menu button.
  2. If you're using an iPhone, make sure that Bluetooth is on, and if you're using an Android device, turn on the search function.
  3. Back in your STARLINK™ menu, select the PHONE menu option.
  4. Next, press the ADD button on STARLINK™.
  5. Back on your smartphone, once SUBARU STARLINK appears, press the "pair" button.
  6. Next, if you're STARLINK™ system includes Navigation integration, you'll have the option of importing your phonebook, for easy access to your contacts.

It really is that easy! Now you can easily take advantage of hands-free calling, all your favorite music and podcasts, and much more using Bluetooth.

If you're still having trouble, consult your Owners-Manual! It has all the information you need to help you easily connect your phone to your Subaru. Before you even leave the lot with your new Subaru vehicle with STARLINK™, we can help you connect your phone with Bluetooth! That way, you'll be ready to go, right away!

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